Welcome to AMBER India's first Medical Emergency Response and Healthcare Management System
AMBER aims to transform the Medical Emergency Response & Healthcare Management in India
  • Emergency

  • Cold Transport

  • AMBER Proxy

  • Digitize Records

  • Health Monitor

  • Pill Reminder

Emergency Management

Press the panic button to access your nearby AMBulance or self-drive to your preferred or nearby hospital emergency room (ER) in an emergency.
What's more, your medical records automatically get sent to the ambulance and ER ahead of you, saving precious minutes and enabling better care.

Cold Transport

We help you book ambulances in case of non emergency​ visits to ​hospital​s for OPD consults, Physiotherapy​ or diagnostic ​tests​. This feature can also be used at the time of Hospital Discharge.

AMBER Proxy Flow™

We​ help you create a safety net of friends and family by sending real time notifications and updates on your status in emergency situations.
Our unique and revolutionary AMBER Proxy Flow​™ allows you to trigger an emergency on behalf of your dependent from anywhere in the world. AMBER Proxy Flow™ can also be used by you as a Good Samaritan to help others.

Digitize Records

We give our users the ability to digitize their medical profile & records over the mobile phone with a​ user friendly​ interface.

Health Monitor

Keeping track of your health is now ​so ​easy! Use AMBER to​ track and ​store your vital parameters like BP​, Pulse​ and Sugar​.

Pill Reminder

Do you often miss a dose of medication?
Remembering to take a daily medication can be a daunting task. But, not anymore.
Add medication and set Pill Reminders using AMBER - your complete healthcare solution.

AMBER is a cloud based Medical Emergency Response and Healthcare Management Solution. With the press of a button, access the nearest ambulance, your favorite or preferred hospital in emergency and non emergency situations.

With AMBER Proxy Flow™, take care of your dependents, no matter where you are.

Digitize your medical profile and records on your phone.

What's More, Monitor your Vital Parameters and Set Pill Reminders using our unique and innovative features.
How it works By partnering with leading hospital groups in the country, we ​have ​created a unique and extensive network of hospitals and ambulance providers to assist you in emergency and non emergency situations.
Armed with digital records on the go, AMBER will enable you to deal with ​medical emergencies at the press of a button- for you and ​your ​family.​
Download AMBER ​for f​ree​. Create a safety net for your loved ones today.